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Published on January 9th, 2012

3.3.2 : 08-Dec-2012

  • Fix: Bug in the class TrafficAnalyzer is fixed

3.3.1 : 14-May-2012

  • Fix: Missing the busy wait gif

3.3.0 : 14-May-2012

  • New: Busy Process icon is added to the charts

3.2.1 : 11-May-2012

  • Fix: Trend Widget, Option for displaying X-Axis labels is corrected

3.2.0 : 26-Apr-2012

  • New: New item ‘This Week’ is added to DateRangePicker

3.1.0 : 24-Apr-2012

  • New: Timezone synchronization between WordPress Timezone and MySQL Timezone is implemented

3.0.3 : 21-Apr-2012

  • Fix: Tooltip at the right extreme corner is not clearly visible, if datapoints are just two

3.0.2 : 19-Apr-2012

  • Fine tuning the code
  • Commenting the drop table queries from the uninstall.php

3.0.1 : 18-Apr-2012

  • Fix: Calculation of date difference was wrong, which affected the accuracy of Visits Per Day Field

3.0.0 : 17-Apr-2012

  • New: Visits Per Day Field is added to Tooltip of Visits vs Views Graph

2.9.1 : 16-Apr-2012

  • Fix: Removing the unwanted file ta_jqplot_loader.js.php from the repository

2.9.0 : 13-Apr-2012

  • New: Views Per Visit Field is added to Tooltip of Visits vs Views Graph

2.8.1 : 11-Apr-2012

  • Fix: Portlet contents were not selectable

2.8.1 : 09-Apr-2012

  • Fix: Removing the jqplot library from the repository, this is unused from 2.8.0

2.8.0 : 07-Apr-2012

  • New: Trend Widget is revamped using flot, replaced jqPlot

2.7.1 : 03-Apr-2012

  • Fix: The PHP classes, DateInterval and DateTime were replaced

2.7.0 : 01-Apr-2012

  • New: New field namely Last 24 Hours is added to Visitors Widget
  • New: New field namely Last 30 Days is added to Visitors Widget
  • New: New field namely Online Visitor’s Count is added to Visitors Widget
  • New: Customizable labels for Visitor’s Widgets

2.6.0 : 30-Mar-2012

  • New: Legend, Chart Type and Feedback are added to drag and drop portlet

2.5.2 : 28-Mar-2012

  • Fix: Tooltip position of the chart at the right extreme corner is fixed
  • Fix: Sort on the Time Field is fixed for Grid Data

2.5.1 : 26-Mar-2012

  • Fix: Advanced Options ID is changed to Live ID
  • Get Live ID link is added to trafficanalyzer’s settings

2.5.0 : 26-Mar-2012

  • Advanced options of Visit Widget is now the part of Widget’s options
  • Advanced options of Trend Widget is now the part of Widget’s options

2.4.1 : 23-Mar-2012

  • Fix: Access url of Live Chart  is updated in the setttings

2.4.0 : 22-Mar-2012

  • Live Visits Chart is integrated

2.3.0 : 24-Feb-2012

  • Filtering options are enhanced
  • Charts are revamped with flot
  • Fix: Wrong weekly start date and end date

2.2.1 : 02-Feb-2012

  • Fix: window.onload is replaced with jquery.ready() for compatibility with IE
  • Fix: User agent with Alexa Toolbar is treated as bot visit

2.2.0 : 02-Feb-2012

  • Visitor Trend Chart widget is added

2.1.0 : 25-Jan-2012

  • Visitor Statistics widget is added
  • Help is Added
  • Fix: Ajax call was synchronous. It is changed to asynchronous

2.0.0 : 19-Jan-2012

  • Visits vs Views Graph is added
  • Introduced Cookies
  • Fix: Chart is stucked when the grid chart contains only one row
  • Fix: Error in the Weekly start date and weekly end date

1.9.0 : 10-Jan-2012

  • Different kinds of datapoints like curved, segment, step, horizontal etc are added
  • Different kinds of charts like area chart, column chart, bar chart etc are added
  • Advanced options are introduced in this version
  • Look & Feel is completely revamped

1.8.0 : 17-Dec-2011

  • Option to select yesterday is added in DateRange Picker
  • Home or Front page is also added for trend analysis
  • Application architecture is revamped
  • Tooltip of line chart is updated
  • X-Axis labels are modified
  • Background colour of Chart title is removed

1.7.0 : 29-Dec-2011

  • Search option for grid data is added

1.6.1 : 26-Nov-2011

  • Fix: With robot data is shown, if no settings is done. ( This should be Without robot data )

1.6.0 : 26-Nov-2011

  • Settings for Robots is added. Now With robots, without robots and robots only graph data can be generated

1.5.0 : 25-Nov-2011

  • Grid data for Line Chart is added

1.4.0 : 24-Nov-2011

  • Grid data will be opened on clicking the pie chart

1.3.0 : 21-Nov-2011

  • Trend analysis for selected articles.
  • Architecture is changed. New classes TrafficAnalyzer, TrafficAnalyzerViews and TrafficAnalyzerSettings were introduced

1.2.0 : 20-Nov-2011

  • Role based access is implemented
  • Fix: “Visits” is renamed to “Views”

1.1.3 : 15-Nov-2011

  • Fix: Excluding some general bots like google-bots, Yahoo Slurp, MSN Bot etc

1.1.2 : 12-Nov-2011

  • Fix: Necessary table on activation is not created. This is fixed

1.1.1 : 12-Nov-2011

  • Fix: Total Visits on Line chart tooltip is modified from daterange total to period total

1.1.0 : 11-Nov-2011

  • Total Visits is added to the line chart tooltip

1.0.0 : 11-Nov-2011

  • Initial Release
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