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Setting up alarm using AlarmManager and waking up screen and unlocking keypad on alarm goes off in Android

August 25, 2012
Device Wakes up on alarm goes off

In this article, we will create an Android application which provides a user interface to set an alarm. That user interface will contain datepicker and timepicker widgets. Once this alarm goes off, Android’s AlarmManager starts up an AlertDialog window which is intended to be executed by the alarm. Suppose the device is in sleep...

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Displaying TimePickerDialog using DialogFragment in Android with backward compatibilty support library

August 16, 2012
Time Picker Dialog

In this article we will create an Android application which demonstrate how to display a timepicker widget using dialog fragment. Since DialogFragment is introduced beginning with Android 3.0 ( API level 11 ) , we will make use Android support library to work this application in Android 1.6 ( API level 4 ) and...

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