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Drawing Area Chart in html using Flot charts library with tooltip on plothover event

February 2, 2013
Drawing area chart using Flot Charts Library

Flot is a plotting chart library for html, based on JQuery javascript library. In this article, we will plot an area chart for Income/Expense statement for a couple of quarters. A demo of the graph is available at the link 1. Create a new directory namely “areachart” 2. Create a new directory namely  ”js”...

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Adding Zoom controls and loading HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Images from Assets to WebView in Android

August 29, 2012
WebView with Zoom Controls Enabled

In this article, we will create an Android application containing WebView with zoom controls. The contents of the WebView will be loaded by an html page saved in assets folder of the application. The html page make use css, javascript and images which are also stored in the assets folder. This application is developed...

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