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Asynchronously loading Image thumbnails in a GridView from an external (SD Card) storage using Media Content Providers in Android

August 20, 2012
Image Thumbnails in GridView

In this article, we will see how to display the thumbnails of images stored in external ( SD Card ) storage. The thumbnails are loaded to the gridview using loaders and media content providers. The loaders are used to asynchronously load gridview with images. An extension to this application is discussed in the article...

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Asynchronously populating listview from SQLite database using Content Providers

August 11, 2012
Populating listview from SQLite database using content provider

In this article, we will create a contact manager application which facilitates to add, update, delete and list contacts with their name and phone number. We will make use content providers to access SQLite database in the application. Also the contacts in the listview is populated asynchronously using loaders. This application is developed in...

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