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Setting up alarm using AlarmManager and waking up screen and unlocking keypad on alarm goes off in Android

August 25, 2012
Device Wakes up on alarm goes off

In this article, we will create an Android application which provides a user interface to set an alarm. That user interface will contain datepicker and timepicker widgets. Once this alarm goes off, Android’s AlarmManager starts up an AlertDialog window which is intended to be executed by the alarm. Suppose the device is in sleep...

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Loading thumbnail Images in a GridView and Opening original images in AlertDialog using Media Content Providers

August 21, 2012
An Image Opened in AlertDialog

This article is an extension to the article “Asynchronously loading Image thumbnails in a GridView from an external (SD Card) storage using Media Content Providers in Android“. In this article, the thumbnails of images from the external ( SD Card ) storage is loaded in grid view using Cursor Loader. And on clicking a...

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Asynchronously populating listview from SQLite database using Content Providers

August 11, 2012
Populating listview from SQLite database using content provider

In this article, we will create a contact manager application which facilitates to add, update, delete and list contacts with their name and phone number. We will make use content providers to access SQLite database in the application. Also the contacts in the listview is populated asynchronously using loaders. This application is developed in...

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Alert Dialog Window with radio buttons in Android

July 6, 2012
Alert Dialog Window

The objective of this article is to create an Android application which demonstrates how to create and open an alert dialog window in an application. The key classes that we are using in this application are DialogFragment and AlertDialog. In this article, the alert dialog window will be opened when the button “Choose Android”...

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Opening an Alert Dialog Window in Android

July 5, 2012
Open Alert Dialog

Alert dialog window is a small window which can float on the top of an activity. It can either show some text messages or complex views by customising its layout. In this article we will create an application which will use the alert dialog window for user confirmation. You can see the screen shot...

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