A PHP program to fetch data from a collection in MongoDB database using cursors

December 27, 2012

In our previous article titled “A PHP program to insert individual and batch data into MongoDB database“, we have created a php program to insert data into MongoDB database.

In this article, we will create a php program to fetch the data and display it in a web browser.

The development environment for this application include Apache 2.2.22, PHP 5.3.10 and MongoDB 2.2.2

1. Create a PHP file namely “students_select.php”¬† in the document root of the web server and add the given below php code

    User name : admu
    Password : new_pass
    MongoDB host : localhost
    MongoDB port : 27017
    Database : university
    $server = "mongodb://admu:new_pass@localhost:27017/university";

        // Connecting to server
        $c = new MongoClient( $server );
    }catch(MongoConnectionException $connectionException){
        print $connectionException;

    $data  = "<table style='border:1px solid red;";
    $data .= "border-collapse:collapse' border='1px'>";
    $data .= "<thead>";
    $data .= "<tr>";
    $data .= "<th>Name</th>";
    $data .= "<th>Age</th>";
    $data .= "<th>Course</th>";
    $data .= "<th>Marks</th>";
    $data .= "</tr>";
    $data .= "</thead>";
    $data .= "<tbody>";

        $db = $c->university;
        $collection = $db->students;
        $cursor = $collection->find();
        foreach($cursor as $document){
            $data .= "<tr>";
            $data .= "<td>" . $document["name"] . "</td>";
            $data .= "<td>" . $document["age"]."</td>";
            $data .= "<td>" . $document["course"]."</td>";
            $data .= "<td>" . $document["marks"]."</td>";
            $data .= "</tr>";
        $data .= "</tbody>";
        $data .= "</table>";
        echo $data;

    }catch(MongoException $mongoException){
        print $mongoException;

2. Open the program “students_select.php” with its URL in a web browser to fetch data from MongoDB database and display it in a web browser

Fetching data from MongoDB database using PHP

Figure 1 : Fetching data from MongoDB database using PHP

3. Download PHP program

4. What is next?

A php program to update existing MongoDB data is available at “A PHP program to update collection data in MongoDB database with upsert option“.


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