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Advanced Options

Published on January 6th, 2012

What are Advanced Options?

Advanced options provides an interface customize the visit widget and trend widget.

Do i need to pay anything to use Advanced Options?

No, it is absolutely free


How can i start working with Advanced Options?

In order to work with Advanced Options, you have to follow the given below simple steps :

  1. Register by entering your email id and required user name ( Use Register Link shown in the right side bar )
  2. Login using the password sent to your email ( Use Login box show in the right side bar )
  3. Click the tab “Advanced” available on the left side bar menu
  4. Advanced Options Form will be opened with an ID as its first field
  5. Copy this ID into TrafficAnalyzers’ Settings page and Save.
  6. Now whatever Advanced Options you set in the Advanced Options Form, will be reflected immediately in the graphs generated by TrafficAnalyzer
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